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        Depending on the right decision—making and leadership from our directors and shareholders
        and all employees joined effort,Zhejiang Southeast Rubber Corporation(SERC) has been
        successfully growing fast with big improvement and creation since 1988.

        The employees from SERC have inherited the spirit of porcelain city on going for the rubber
        a rt The mission of good quality,excellent and custome r satisfaction is taken as ou r goal fo r
        a long term Over 25 years hardworking experience,SERC owned the most advance equipment

        Annual Production Capacity:200 thousand sets of SOLID TIRE,5000 thousand square meters
        of rubber conveyor belt,30 million A meters of Polyester steel brown wire V Belt
        Qualifications & Credit:SERC is rated as AAA grade credit enterprise for 15 consecutive years
        was rated,Zhejiang Province Industrial and cornmerciat enterprise credit(G radeA)
        QualityControl:Authorities confirmed(A)testing center(all produces quality control,from rawmaterials
        into the factory to finished goods)Assurance systemth roughtheIS09001 International Quality
        Management,IS014001 Environmental Management System,GB/T28001 Occupation Health
        Management System Certification It was awarded the"Chinese Quality Grade AAA enterprise”title
        Chinese quality credit evaluation center High Temperatu reResistant Conveyor Belt was set the
        science and technology innovation fund to support the project through the national Ministry,and
        won the award of p rogress of science and technology. Nowadays the high temperature resistant
        conveyor are exported all ove r the world

        High abrasion anti tearing Kevlar composite solid tires of SERC have been declared national
        invention patents. Patent No is 201410188900.3.4